Departments of Theory and Methods of Art Education

Welcome to the Departments of Theory and Methods of Art Education at H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University!

The Department is a graduating one, which provides teaching of musical and pedagogical disciplines at the I-VI courses of full-time and correspondence forms of education at Bachelor’s and Master’s qualification levels. Among the main tasks outlined in the curriculum, we appreciate applicants who want to discover the world of art, and to find pleasure of the chosen speciality of music and art teacher.

The current staff of the department includes well-known teachers-methodologists, professors, associate professors, performers, Honored Artists of Ukraine, People's Artists of Ukraine. They are happy to help students to reveal the versatility of the profession through the formation of competencies, necessary for a modern teacher of musical art. 

A particularly bright event is All-Ukrainian competition-festival "Art-Dominant" held by the department. For those students who want to try themselves as a scientist, twice a year the department holds the conference "Time of art education" with the forthcoming publishing its scientific and methodological outcomes. Applicants can publish the results of their research in the scientific journal "Professional Art Education" initiated by the department in 2020.

Foreign students, who are happy to choose specialties ”Teacher of musical art” and “Teacher of the integrated art course” at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, are offered special curriculum tailored to meet the distance learning demands for Arts students.

The use of modern music technologies and web platforms has significantly improved the quality of the academic process as well as contributed to the awareness of the role of a modern teacher of musical specialties in the scientific space of European educational integration.

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