Department of Physics and Cyber-Physical Systems

The Department of Physics and Cyber-physical Systems is one of the oldest departments of H.S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University pans with their rich history and scientific traditions. The main task of the department is fundamental training of future physics teachers.

The strategic task of the department's development is to improve the quality of education, students' participation in research work.

Today the educational process at the department is provided by 2 professors, 3 docents, 1 lecturer. The teaching staff of the department is constantly engaged in scientific work, publishes its works in professional periodicals, including international journals and regularly reports at scientific conferences.

Research work of the Department of Physics and Cyber-physical Systems carried out mainly in two areas:

1. Methodology and methods of application of new modern technologies in teaching physics.

2. Research of some topical issues of solid-state physics.

Title of the department topic: Improving the process of teaching physics in IHE in the modern educational process by means of interactive technologies (registration number: 0120U104704).  

The department has an auditorium for lectures, practical and laboratory classes using modern multimedia and laboratory equipment. The department provides teaching of physical disciplines in the preparation of masters and bachelors (specialties: 014 Secondary Education "Mathematics", 014 Secondary Education "Physics", 014 Secondary Education "Computer Science") at the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.


306-B, G.S. Skovoroda HNPU, 2, Valentinovskaya Street, Kharkiv, 61168, Ukraine

Phone num. +38(0572)67-53-58

Masych Vitalii

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Docent

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