Department of Economic Theory

The purpose of the department is to give students a systematic idea of ​​economic phenomena and processes in modern economics, to promote the training of high level specialists who have fundamental knowledge and practical skills and are able to apply them in professional activities - teaching, research, education, administration.

Tasks of the department:

  • teaching basic and special disciplines of economic profile at all faculties of the university;
  • improving the quality of training and broadening the horizons of future professionals;
  • acquaintance of students with the newest approaches and achievements of economic science;
  • organization of research work of higher education students and their mastery of principles, methods, tools of scientific and research work;
  • introduction into the educational process of innovative technologies, methods and techniques that provide effective training and professional growth of higher education.


29 Alchevskikh street, off. 134, Kharkiv, 61002, UA.

Phone number: +38(057) 700-48-01


Zelenko Oleksandr

PhD in economic Sciences, Associate Professor

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