Department of Geography and Methods of Teaching of Geography

The Department of Geography and Methods of Teaching of Geography has existed since 1994.  The Department was created on the basis of the section of geography after the opening of the specialty "History, Geography".

Since 1995 the Department trains and graduate’s specialists for educational institutions of Ukraine.

Since 1998 the Department is constantly developing curricula for the training of specialists and masters in Geography.  The Department introduces modern pedagogical technologies of teaching Geography.

Since the founding of the Department, the constant direction of the team's work has been to improve and deepen the content of academic disciplines, to conduct new special courses. Teachers of the Department take part in international conferences every year.

Total number of teachers at the Department: 5.


29 Alchevskikh street, off. 308, Kharkiv, 61002, UA.

Phone number: +38(057) 700-48-01



Pitkevych Valerii

PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

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