Department of Sports and pedagogical disciplines and fitness

Department of Sports and pedagogical disciplines and fitness education provides educational process on the faculty of Sport and Physical Education for specialists of first Bachelors Degree and second Masters Degree on the higher  educational  level for day and part-time forms of education (014-Secondary  education (Physical culture), 017-Physical culture and sport).

        The department contains of 8 lecturers (a series of 4 - candidates of science, 5- associate professors,1 - senior lecturer), 1 - accompanist, 1- laboratory assistant. 

The purpose of the department's activity is to provide effective training of future physical culture and sports specialists who will be competitive in the fields of gymnastic sports and fitness, wrestling and swimming. Lecturers of the department provides preparation for future teachers of physical culture and coaches with ongoing disciplines: “Rhythmic and choreography“, “Theory and methodology of teaching outdoor games”, “Theory and methodology of teaching outdoor games on the terrain”, ”Theory and methodology of teaching wellness aerobic”, “Aerobic in modern training system”, “Modern aerobic technology in sports training “, “Modern fitness technology in institutions of higher education”, “Theory and methodology of teaching athletisme”, “Modern technology in complex coordination sports”, “Theory and methodology of teaching gymnastic”, “Theory and methodology of teaching athletic gymnastic”, “Sports and pedagogical improvement (gymnastic, rhythmic gymnastic, fitness)”, ”Theory and methodology in chosen kind of sport (gymnastic, rhythmic gymnastic, fitness)”.

      On the department we have students who are specialists in different kind of sports: sport gymnastic, gymnastic, aerobic, cheerleading, workout, fitness. One of the greatest achievements of the department is pop-sport dancing collective “Boomerang”, that was founded by Nina Sanzarova in 1984. For high achievements and professionalism this collective is awarded the name “National” in 2000, this name is confirming every two years. This collective is a winner and laureate of national, regional and local festivals. Every time this collective takes  part in different celebrations, which are conduct by city or region.

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