The Department of Economic Theory, Finance and Accounting

The mission of the department is the formation of a professionally competent specialist-economist capable of solving complex specialized tasks and practical problems in the economic sphere, characterized by the complexity and uncertainty of conditions associated with the management of the development of enterprises and organizations, with ensuring their financial and economic stability and competitiveness.

The tasks of the department are to provide higher education in the field of economics and legal aspects of managing an organization with wide access to employment, to expand the prospects for self-realization of a graduate in further educational and professional activities.

The concept of development and the specificity of the department's activities is formed on the basis of state policy in the field of economic education with an emphasis on modeling, management and legal regulation of economic relations using modern information and communication technologies, research methods and the practical use of learning outcomes.

A feature of training specialists is the multidisciplinary of educational programs with a focus on the development of the leadership qualities of graduates, business communication skills, the development of their responsibility, legal awareness, as subjects of economic relations.

The  department of economic theory graduating, finance and accounting trains specialists in the field of knowledge 05 Social and behavioral sciences, specialty 051 Economics, according to the following educational programs:

Bachelor degree

Master degree

Economics, Management and Law

Economics, Management and Law

Economy and Finance

Economics of Business and Finance


29 Alchevskikh (Artema) street, off. 212, Kharkiv, 61002, UA

Phone nom. +38(057) 700-35-16


Soliar Viktoriia
PhD in Economics,
Assistant Professor,
Head of the Department of Economic Theory, Finance and Accounting
H. S. Skovoroda Kharkiv National Pedagogical University

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