Department of Practice of Oral and Written English

The Department of Practice of Oral and Written English was established in 2002. It was headed by Olena Hlotova, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor (2002 – 2012) and Oksana Kovalenko, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Full Professor (2012 – August 2023).

The Head of the department is Oksana Zosimova, PhD in Philology, Associate Professor (since September 2023). The department’s teaching staff consists of 15 lecturers, including 1 Doctor of Sciences and 12 Candidates of Sciences (PhDs).

The department focuses on the Practical English Course for the 1st – 3rd year students of the Faculty of Foreign Philology (both full-time and part-time students) as well as for the students of H.F. Kvitka-Osnovianenko Faculty of Ukrainian Language and Literature. The department also provides teaching such theoretical courses as “British and American Studies”, “Linguistic and Cultural Studies” and “Theoretical English Grammar” to the 4th-year students. It also offers courses in Literary Theory and Contemporary Literature of English-Speaking Countries as well as elective practical courses to Master’s students (“English Speaking and Listening Strategies”, “English Reading and Writing Strategies”, “Strategies for Developing Lexical Competence”, “Innovative Technologies for Measuring Students’ Academic Success in Learning English” etc.).

2 Valentynivska street, off. 303V, Kharkiv, 61168, UA,


Head of the Department

Oksana Zosimova,

PhD (Philology), Associate Professor,

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