Department of Psychology

Welcome to the Department of Psychology!

The Department of Psychology is a structural subdivision of the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology.

The purpose of the Department of Psychology is to provide effective training of competitive specialists in the field of psychology.

Strategic activities of the department:

  • providing educational and professional needs of higher education applicants;
  • implementation of student-centered educational process with the involvement of innovative technologies, methods and techniques that provide effective training and formation of professional and personal competencies of higher education;
  • development of scientific psychological approaches to solving the priority challenges of today, implementation of research results in the practice of psychological services.

The department provides training for first, second and third levels of higher education in the field of study 05 Social and Behavioral Sciences in 053 Psychology.

Today the work of the department is provided by 6 doctors of sciences, 9 candidates of sciences and one teacher.

Our graduates work in other institutions of higher education, practical psychologists in schools, boarding schools, kindergartens, methodologists of education departments, psychologists of inclusive resource centers…

Among our graduates are 1 doctor of sciences, more than 30 candidates of sciences, 1 school principal, 3 psychologists of military units and subdivisions!

However, the scope of psychological knowledge is diverse. These are advertising, business, politics, marketing, management, mass media, art, sports, law enforcement agencies, educational institutions, specialized clinics, teaching work, etc. The main activities of a psychologist in practice - psychological assessment, psychological counseling, psychological education, correctional and developmental work, psychotherapy.

Studying and working at the Department of Psychology is interesting and diverse.

We are inspired and ready to share it with you!

Tamara Khomulenko
Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor,
Head of the Department of Psychology


3V Phaninsky side st., оff. 205, Kharkiv, 61166, UA

Phone: +38(057) 700-66-15


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Tamara Khomulenko

Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Professor,
Head of the Department of Psychology


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