Faculty of Psychology and Sociology 

The activities of the Faculty of Psychology and Sociology are aimed at training qualified specialists in the fields of political science, psychology, sociology and social work, focused on preserving and increasing moral, cultural, scientific values and achievements of society, in the context of their theoretical knowledge and practical skills. competencies for educational, scientific, research and practical activities within such areas of knowledge as: 05 Social and Behavioral Sciences and 23 Social Work.


3-v Faninsky Lane, off. 215, Kharkiv, 61166, UA.

Phone num. (057)-701-04-64

e-mail: faculty-psychology-sociology@hnpu.edu.ua

Denysenko Iryna

Campus LifeІм'я великого українського філософа, поета і народного просвітителя Г.С.Сковороди в офіційній назві нашого університету.