Department of Fine Arts

The main task of the department is to provide training educational level "bachelor" and "master" in specialties 014 Secondary education (fine arts), specialists of educational level "bachelor" 023 "Fine arts, decorative arts, restoration" from educational programs "Applied and industrial graphics".

The department trains secondary school teachers and higher education teachers of educational institutions, teachers of professional disciplines in specialized artistic and artistic educational institutions, graphic artists (with additional competencies - graphic design).

Important features of the educational process organization are formation of future specialists professional competencies taking into account conditions of specialization; awareness of the patterns of development of education and ability to analyze the evolution of artistic practices; gaining skills solve complex specialized tasks in professional activities; application of practical skills in the art sphere (production functions); generating new ideas (creativity); development of skills of using information and communication technologies; formation of the ability to work in the world artistic context.

The Department of Fine Arts is a graduating department of the Faculty of Arts KhNPU named after G. S. Skovoroda.

Every year at the Department of Fine Arts, a plenary practice is held in summer for all courses. According to the results of the plein air, we make an annual exhibition of student works.

The Department of Fine Arts has its own exhibition hall, where various exhibitions of students and teachers are exhibited.

We invite everyone to address: Faninsky 3-a, 3rd floor.

61166, Kharkiv, side street Faninsky, 3-v, r. 309,
phone num.: (057) 702-15-26;


fine-arts PhD, independent Art historian, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, associate Professors of the Department, a member of the international association of art historians «AIS»,member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.

Campus LifeІм'я великого українського філософа, поета і народного просвітителя Г.С.Сковороди в офіційній назві нашого університету.