Faculty of History

Today the structure of History Faculty consists of 6 departments 

These departments employ recognized specialists in the specialty, including 10 doctors of sciences and professors, 30 PhD and docent. The structure of the faculty also includes an archeological laboratory, which collects unique artifacts found by students during research expeditions and two centers focused on close cooperation with schools in Kharkiv and other areas: methods of teaching history and social sciences and the center of school local lore. The conferences organized by this center often invite the most famous national methodologists in history and law, as well as regional historians from all over Ukraine.

During the thirty years of existence of the faculty, which teaches in two educational programs («History in educational institutions» and «Geography in educational institutions»), more than 2,000 full-time and part-time specialists with the widest range of theoretical and practical competencies have been trained. manager-manager, political scientist-analyst, speech-writer, political image-maker, who work in various fields, in particular, the education system, social services, employment centers, public administration.

This is provided by archaeological and geographical practices, museum-archival and pedagogical practices, active participation of teachers and students of the faculty in ensuring the implementation of projects of the public organization «Separate Scientific and Educational Center of the Ukrainian Cossacks», established a system of international internships. with the universities of Poland, Germany, Belarus, Georgia, in particular, with the Institute of History of the University of Wroclaw, the Universities of Warsaw and Gdansk (Republic of Poland), the German Academic Exchange Service, the Institute of Philosophy, and the leading universities of Ukraine.

The History Faculty is located in the administrative building in the historic center, in a building of the early 20th century with a developed infrastructure: library, reading room, sports and dance halls, computer class, with large lecture halls and departments equipped with multimedia equipment, routers, food. The faculty provides training at all major levels of higher education: from bachelors to graduate school in the specialty 032 History and Archeology. For 5.5 years of study at the bachelor's and master's levels of the faculty, students acquire a variety of competencies in 70-80 disciplines of history, law, local history and tourism, philology, political science and other areas.

The scientific activity of the teaching staff of the Faculty of History is focused, first of all, on the development of little-researched and innovative directions of the humanities, which gives our students the opportunity to become scholarship holders of the Cabinet of Ministers, Presidential Scholarship, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, etc. competitions of scientific works and tournaments of connoisseurs of history and philosophy, taking, in particular, for the last 3 years, prizes.

The faculty conducts many different educational activities that provide an opportunity to expand knowledge of historical, pedagogical and socio-political disciplines, the history of their country and city. Excursions to the museum of KhNPU named after Н.S. Skovoroda are traditionally conducted. Frying pans, to the Kharkiv Historical Museum, Art Museum, Literary Museum, to the National Literary Memorial Museum of H. Skovoroda, places of military glory, etc. During classes, teachers constantly inform students about the most important events of socio-political life that take place in Ukraine and the world.

«Dedication to historians» is held annually at the faculty, where first-year students get acquainted with the teaching staff of the departments, their history and traditions, the main directions of research work, the material base of the faculty.

The faculty hosts concert programs, exhibitions of methodical literature, various round tables, brain-rings, student scientific conferences, meetings of student scientific seminars, clubs and individual work of teachers with students of scientific and educational nature. The faculty holds meetings of the interdepartmental scientific seminar on world history, «Oriental Studies», the group of oratory to consolidate and expand the knowledge acquired in classrooms, as well as for comprehensive development.

Students of the History Faculty take an active part in the sports life of the university, the faculty has teams in football, volleyball, chess, checkers and table tennis, which annually win prizes. Students of the faculty have repeatedly become winners of university competitions.

An important part of the implementation of educational work at the faculty is student government, which is traditionally given a lot of attention and support. Students are active participants in management activities at the faculty and at the university: they are members of the academic council of the faculty and the university.

At the Faculty of History there is a postgraduate course in the specialty 032 «History and Archeology» and 033 «Philosophy» and a doctoral program in the specialty 033 «Philosophy». The Academic Council for the Defense of Candidate's and Doctoral Dissertations is working fruitfully.

29 Alchevskikh street, off. 305, Kharkiv, 61002, UA.

Phone number: +38(057) 700-48-01

e-mail: istfak.hnpu@gmail.com

Dean of the Faculty:

Svitlana Miroshnichenko

PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Dean's coordinator for scientific and educational work:

Lutsenko Mariіa,

PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

Dean's coordinator for extracurricular work:

Chernikova Inna,

PhD in Historical Sciences, Associate Professor

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