1. General Department
    • Archive
  2. Human Resources Department
  3. Training Department
  4. Department of management and monitoring of the university
  5. Legal Department
  6. Service of the scientific secretary
  7. Scientific library
  8. Scientific part
  9. Herbarium Ser
  10. Educational and scientific archeological laboratory
  11. Department of postgraduate and doctoral studies
  12. Department of computer administration
  13. Department of Public Relations and Mass Media
  14. Department of Commercialization of Educational Services
  15. Botanical Garden
  16. Mode and Security Service (Assistant rector for Regim andSecurity prevention and detection of corruption)
  17. Department of Emergencies and Civil Protection

    18. Department of labor protection

    19.Department of Practice

    20. Department of career guidance and work with graduates

    21.  Department of use of the auditorium fund

    22. Operational and technical department

    23. Electrical laboratoty

    24. Museum of University History

    25.Toy Museum

    26. Museum of Anatomy

    27. Editorial office of the newspaper "Teacher"

    28. Editoral and publishing department

    29. Tender committee

   30. Dining room

   31. Directorate for the operation of a compex of sports facilities

   32. Research and training laboratory of software department

   33. Laboratory of methodical providing of continuous system of education "School of high school"

   34. Lizhna base

   35. Sports club

  • Olympic Union
  • Rehabilitation center

   36. Sientific and Consulting Center for Reading and Children's Books

   37. Zoological Museum named after O.P. Krapivnoy (student dormitory)

   38. Campus (student dormitory)

   39. Training and sports camp "Gaidari"

   40. Psychological service

   41. Legal Clinic

   42. Accounting service

   43. Administrative and economic part

  •         Logistics department. Pantry
    • Garag of motor transport
    • Engineering group
    • Educational buildings
    • Hostel N1
    • Disinfectant
    • Farm mananager
  •   Centers
  1. General center
  2. Consultation center of KhNPU named after G.S. Skovoroda for student youth
  3. Cultur and artistic center
  4. Center forlicensing, accreditation and quality control of education
  5. Educational and methodical inclusive center
  6. Scientific and methodical training center of social and professional development of the person
  • Scientific and methodical laboratory (on a voluntary basis)
  • Scientific and methodical laboratory for studying the problems of adult education
  • Scientific and methodical laboratory for the protection, development and improvement of the voice representatives of voice professions

       7. Center for innovation and technology transfer

      8. Center for international Cooperation and International Education

  1. Trade union of teachers and staff
  2. Trade union of students, graduate and doctoral students
  3. Supervisorry Board
  4. Academic Council
  5. Executive Board
  6. Admissions Committee
  7. Research laboratories (on a voluntary basis)

      8. Scientific and methodical laboratory (on a voluntary basis)

      9. Research laboratory (on a voluntary basis)

      10. Scientific and methodical laboratory (on a voluntary basis)

11. Healtrh point

12. Union of students and youth of the university

13. Council of young scientists

14. Coordinating Council of public organizations

15. Student dormitory council

16. Union of Orphan Students

17. Union of law students

18. Educational scientific and pedagogical complex of KhNPU named after G.S. Skovoroda

19. Sherman Technical History Club

20. Group of public control over measures aimed at prevention, detection and counteraction cottuption

21. A separate scientific and educatioal center of the Ukrainian Cossacks named after  G.S. Skovoroda

22. Sports center "Boxing Akademy"

23. Association of graduates of KhNPU named after G.S. Skovoroda

24. Union of foreign students and graduate students

25. Scientific Council















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